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ow to order: Send an email with details of what you would like to order, along with a postal address.
If ordering for a school, and delivered to a school, payment can be made on arrival of the goods at your school with the Tax Invoice. If delivery is to a personal address, pre-payment is preferred. If you have a school order form, just email through the Order Number to include on the Tax Invoice to make it easier for your finance people.

Freight extra, GST included in pricing.


Useful for the classroom for a range of ages and settings:

  • Maths
  • LOTE
  • ESL
  • Primary classrooms

Using a large mini-whiteboard (A3 or A4 size) will help ‘in-the-moment instruction‘ at students’ desks.

4 sizes of mini-whiteboards are available:

Paper Size
Size (mm) Edges
A6 150 x 100 $0.99 each $0.66 each
A5 210 x 150 $1.54 each $1.10 each
A4 300 x 210 $2.75 each $2.20 each
A3 420 x 300 $5.50 each $4.40 each
A3 folding 420 x 300 $8.80 each

Guide to postage rates from Australia Post:
In a 3 kg post-pack ($11.70), 20 x A4 size or 40 x A5 sized mini-whiteboards.
In a 5 kg post-pack ($19.10), 34 x A4 size or 68 x A5 sized mini-whiteboards.

Sanding the edges is a task that older students (say from Year 5 onwards) are able to do. Involving them in this process is a good strategy to help them value the use of the mini-whiteboards and actively use them in their learning.

The A3 folding mini-whiteboards are two A4 sized mini-whiteboards hinged using denim, to make them more convenient to carry into class.

The mini-whiteboards show up really well when filming students talking to their ideas written on the mini-whiteboards. For really reasonable pricing on FlipVideo cameras in Australia, .

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